Mikey Kourakos, Class of 2017

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Hey all. I figure since everyone and their dog is writing a Facebook essay about politics, I might as well add my voice to the cacophony. So if you’re sick and tired of these rants, do yourself a favor and don’t click on that little “see more” button. All you’ll get from this is a slightly higher blood pressure than you currently have. Although to be fair, I do promise my wall of text is a little different from any others you have read thus far.

I guess I’ll begin by prefacing this with a “I don’t usually post on Facebook” line that many others have used before me. Following the generally established format, this is the section where I shed all the salty baby raging tears I have been holding in since the 2016 presidential election. If this were written on paper, and not on an internet forum, imagine smudge marks from my uncontrollable crying. I’m sick of what I’ve seen over the past few days. This is a dark time for our country. Oh, ye mighty, it is time to look upon these works and despair. And (to your incredible surprise), it’s not because Trump is our next president. It’s because of all the off-the-top reactions to this plain and simple fact.

The man won the election fair and square. This is the way our country, a DEMOCRACY, works. And don’t start nitpicking about popular vote numbers or yata yata yata, no one cares. The electoral college has voted according to the will of the people they represent, and these people, your fellow countrymen, have selected Donald Trump. Deal with it. I think it’s downright obnoxious that everyone is acting like this is some kind of American tragedy on a scale not seen since 9/11, or that WWIII is about to begin. If you think anything remotely along these lines, it’s about time to crack a book about how our government works. We have this little thing called checks and balances, and we voted in a PRESIDENT, not a KING, in case anyone was wondering.

Furthermore, what seems even more disgustingly elitist to me, is the opinion the majority of the people here seem to hold for Trump’s supporters. I can’t even recount the number of times I’ve heard, “only uneducated white men are voting for Trump,” or “it’s only bible thumping hillbillies from the Midwest that support him,” or something else reprehensible along these same lines. Shame on you. Last time I checked, everyone, regardless of State, holds a stake in this country. If you think your vote should count more than anyone else’s, you shouldn’t even be here. Feel free to move to Canada as many others are threatening to do. We don’t need you. This country needs unity and togetherness, regardless of political view. Instead of accusing everyone who supports Trump as a standard “white supremacist,” take a good, close look in the mirror.

And now, time to debunk some myths. All these upcoming numbers are straight from the NYT exit polls. As bad of a misogynist as everyone claims Trump is, and how Hillary is so much more pro-women and pro-feminism, she only claimed 54% of the female vote. In case you can’t do math, this is roughly half the female population. In addition, more white college graduates voted for Trump than they did Clinton, which according to me thoroughly debunks the myth that Trump is only supported by the “uneducated white masses.” Even the ethnic groups that Trump has spoken worst about, Hispanics and Asians, aren’t even fully endorsing Clinton. Trump claimed roughly 1/3 of the vote from each of these groups.

So please, move on with your lives. It’s acceptable to have different political views. That’s one of the reasons I love this country, and one of the reasons why this country is so great. But please, please, stop slamming people for supporting Trump, regardless of their reasoning. Their voices matters the same amount as yours do. Also, while I’m doling out life lessons, think at least a little bit before you say something unfathomably idiotic. Maybe the raven is calling the crow black, but we need to understand that the country has spoken, and voted in favor of Donald Trump. If you can’t accept him as our president, the president of all Americans, regardless of gender or race, be my guest and move to Canada. No one will stop you. Everyone else, face reality, and think about how to move forward. We need to stand united, not politically, but as citizens of the United States of America.

PS. I think this is longer than half the things I’ve written for English, and with better grammar too.

*Originally published on Facebook