Car Underwater

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Chloe Suzman's car c. 1 pm.

Chloe Suzman’s car c. 1 pm.

On October 21, the rainy weather caused the evacuation of cars parked in the gravel and drinking lot. Chloe Suzman ’17 was the unfortunate owner of a car underwater. Her car was really low to the ground and it was parked in the deepest section. By the time she got there the water was already up to her door. If she had tried to open the door the whole car would have flooded so Suzman had to stand there and watch the water rise until the tow truck came. All the cars around hers were higher up so the people driving them could still open their doors and move them.

Suzman's car in comparison with another student's who could get out of the flooding.

Suzman’s car in comparison with another student’s who could get out of the flooding.