When Worlds Collide // Black Tap x Walter’s Review

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There’s only one reason why any Scarsdale High School student would ever want to go to Mamaroneck High School: Walter’s Hot Dogs is right across the street. On September 16-18, Walter’s combined with the famous NYC restaurant, Black Tap, the place where everyone waits on a two hour line to snapchat their milkshake, for a one-time special event. There was a line going down the block at Walter’s and many news reporters outside; everyone was trying to deliberate if the long wait for this “godly” milkshake would be worth it. The amount of anxiousness felt on line while waiting for a milkshake was similar to how stressed you are before Testing Week. Black Tap offered only one flavor of milkshake: a new oreo milkshake. The oreo milkshake pairs perfectly with the amazing Walter’s hot dog and curly fries, and ordering all three items is definitely the way to go.


As soon as the milkshake is in your hand the whipped cream immediately begins to drip off the sides of the cup and you are so ecstatic that you cannot wait to taste ‘that’ milkshake from all the Instagram pictures. Looking at the seemingly endless line down Palmer Ave, you gloat to your friends whose order numbers have not yet been called. There is so much deliciousness coming out of your cup you don’t know what to eat first! Many customers were appalled by the high price of the Black Tap milkshake- $14.99- however most of us have agreed that it was definitely worth the price and wait. We hope another one of these collaboration is in the works soon!

By Sammy Thurm and Sophie Grippo