Is Snapchat Blocked at SHS?

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In early August, group chat notifications reached an all time high as rumors started to spread that Snapchat was blocked for the upcoming school year. Is it true? What am I supposed to do in homeroom? Does this mean I actually have to do work during frees? Students were starting to sweat (probably from the heat of summer not the snapchat scenario though, to be honest). The rumor began as multiple IMG_3510seniors were not able to access Snapchat when in the building for senior pictures this month. Maroon quickly emailed Principal Bonamo eager to find out the truth.

However, Bonamo had not heard anything about the rumor and sent us to Scarsdale’s Director of Instructional Technology, Mr. Crsci. To our surprise, the administration had no idea Snapchat had been blocked at SHS. Mr. Crisci explained a new Internet filter had been installed over the summer which can cause some “over blocking” until the filter settings are adjusted. Mr. Crisci promised to talk to the networking team about the issue and unblock it when he returns to the office- before school starts. So, have no fear; you can still face swap with your favorite teachers and avoid socializing during homeroom.