Ralph: Everything You Need To Know About A-School’s Assassin

Kelli Rainer and Nicole Silberberg

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When asked to think of a long-lasting Scarsdale High School tradition with the purpose of tagging others and being the last one alive, the game, Assassin, typically comes to mind. However, a game that many SHS students have not heard of is Ralph. It is played exclusively by the members of the A-school. In this game, each competitor gives one dollar to the game’s coordinators, in exchange for a yellow rubber duck and the name of another member of the A-school. Each participant’s’ goal is to tag their assigned person when they are without their duck. If someone has their duck in their hands, they are safe. However, as soon as they are not holding it, another member can “kill” them. After “killing” someone, that participant receives the name of their next target. This nerve-racking, enjoyable, and exciting game keeps all competitors on their toes, alert for anyone that might be out to get them.

Although the game is limited to members of the A-school, the small size of the game allows it to become more personal. “I have actually gotten closer with the person I am assigned to because I have spent so much time around her, trying to get her out” shared Sydney Goldman ’18. In addition, the game is not only limited to students. A-school teachers can play as well. Everyone wants to get in on the action and join the game, including SAS English Teacher Howard Rodstein. Ralph has been an A-school tradition for many years, similar to Assassin. However, one crucial difference between the two is that in Ralph, participants do not need to wear special clothes or pay a large amount of money to the organizers. The simplicity of the game makes it fun and easy for the students and teachers involved.

Like all other games, some students in Ralph are more competitive than others. Some sign up with no intention of winning, while others enter to win the whole game. “The best part so far was getting three people out in thirty seconds. They weren’t carrying their ducks and I just tagged all of them. I have also gotten eleven total people out, so that’s been really fun” exclaimed Clement Lacoudre ’17. For some, the competition and high spirit of the game is the best part. In contrast, some would rather lay low and enjoy themselves. “I got out the first day, so my experience was short, but it was fun for the few moments that I was still in, and it’s been great watching people play” said Hannah Spitzer ’18. Even those who get out on the first day agree that Ralph is a really enjoyable game that brings everyone closer together. “I like this game because it’s a fun way to bond and get to know people. It’s just a lot of fun to be a part of,” remarked Sara Lipsitz ’16. Ralph gave students the opportunity to get to know each other better. It also provided a new sense of unity for the members of A-school. In addition, despite only about a quarter of the original competitors remaining in the game, all participants view the game as a great high school experience. In the end, Ralph is a unifying game that exemplifies how the A-school is not divided by grades, but rather is an inclusive and accepting community.