Harlem Wizards Tournament

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On Friday March 11th the Scarsdale class of 2017 and teachers from the district lost to the Harlem Wizards in a basketball game to raise money for prom. The game is an annual event in which the junior class and teachers get to play against the basketball team of highly skilled “tricksters” who spend the game showing off their crazy and strange skills to a crowd of mostly elementary school aged students. The game started with a special request from the Wizards that Ryan Minster start the game. Post-game Ryan said, “Playing in the game was an overall success for the Junior Cabinet and was a great time for both the players and fans. Truly a great experience and I was happy to see a childhood dream come true.” Other student participants in the game included, Griffin Elkins ‘17, Zack Gelles ‘17, Adam Schwall ‘17, Jessica Waldman ‘17, Alex Lane ‘17, Raf Schott ‘17, Shannon Regan ‘17, Sydney Frydman ‘17, Scott Cohen ‘17, and Liam McPhillips ‘17. The list of teachers who participated included, Coach Greenberg, Vice Principal Griffin, Mrs. Barton, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Malderelli, and Dean Hiller. Scott Cohen, the heart and soul of the class of 2017 team, after the tough loss said, “Energy on the court was electric. Shout out to the fans and to the bench mob.” The high scoring student for the class of 2017 was class president, Alex Lane, who had an unprecedented 10 point shot, here’s what he had to say, “The game itself was a ton of fun. The Wizards kept the perfect balance of joking around while still allowing the game of basketball to be played. Personally, I think they were a bit intimidated by my lights out shooting. The best part of the game for me was hitting a 10 point shot, then following that up by running to the bench to celebrate by rowing the boat. All in all, t’was quite the night.” For the teachers, the high scorer was middle school Spanish teacher, Mr. Johnson. The final score of the game was 110-100 as the Wizards kept their undefeated record against Scarsdale.