Winter Pep Rally: Success or Failure?

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Winter Pep Rally: Success or Failure?

Caroline Meyer, Nicole Silberberg, Kimberly Markowitz, Kelli Rainer, and Katie Karp

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On Friday January 8, SHS held its very first Winter Pep Rally. We at Maroon wondered, just how successful was the new pep rally? 



  1. Scarsdale has so many fantastic sport teams, what better way to show off our winter teams’ achievements than to give them their own pep rally?
  2. Pep rallies bring everyone together and increase school pride.
  3. During spirit week, you could roll out of bed and wear your pajamas to school, and no one would judge you because it was pajama day.
  4. Everyone was excited to welcome in the new school government after they planned such an fun pep rally (shout out to Jacob Stiel for giving a hilarious speech)
  5. Watching the basketball game was super fun-who doesn’t love seeing their gym teachers running down the court?
  1. Raider pride extends past the fall and winter sport teams, where is the spirit for our spring and non-athletic teams?
  2. Many students took the pep rally as an opportunity to leave school early and go to Lange’s before the Friday afternoon rush.
  3. No one actually wore pajamas
  4. For Good Measure sang beautifully as always but couldn’t be heard due to a lack of microphones.
  5. Unlike the fall pep rally, there was no homecoming dance to look forward to. Oh wait…


School Reaction:

Freshman “It was very great, and I feel like everyone had a great opportunity to perform and show their sport off to everyone” -Peter Godshall ’19

“I thought it was great watching everyone play and seeing the teachers interacting with students out of the classroom” -Julia Singer ’19

Sophomores “There were different sports and the atmosphere was very energetic with more spirit and excitement” -Jack Waxman ’18

“Well, I think going into the pep rally, everyone wasn’t so excited for the winter pep rally because it’s just another pep rally, but after, when people were leaving, they were much more energetic about school spirit” -Alex Rossano ’18

Juniors “[The winter pep rally] was the same thing, basically, except the people who were announcing. I like listening to Jacob Stiel, he was funny, that made it good” -Morgan Cochrane ’17

“[A] game of bingo would have been more interesting” -Sophus Rose ’17

Seniors “I think [the winter pep rally] went a lot better than past pep rallies. There were some concerns that underclassmen weren’t feeling included in the pep rally because it was mainly run by upperclassmen, and so I think the winter pep rally did a good job” -Yarden Wiesenfeld ’16
Government “The winter pep rally was a success, and the best part were the basketball games” -Underclass Representative Holly Rittmaster ’18

“It was different in that it was completely new and it had never happened before, and it was different because we had both an old outgoing government and a new incoming government help running it,” -School Government Adviser Patrick Healy