Sushi Roxx Review

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New York City is known for two things: its lively theater scene and its delicious ethnic food. However, the two are rarely experienced in the same place. Sushi Roxx is ideal for those who crave instagram-worthy Japanese cuisine and spectacular live performances by talented waiters. Mix this with an atmosphere modeled off of Tokyo’s bustling nightlife and you have a recipe for the perfect night out.

Arriving at Sushi Roxx is not challenging as it is located just three blocks from Grand Central. But when you first enter the venue, you might believe you had taken a plane ride to Tokyo rather than just stepped off the Metro North. Guests enter a restaurant that appears to be a Tokyo night club and are immediately greeted by a hostess in a fabulous sequin kimono. The dining room is covered in dozens of LED screens that are broadcasting music videos from the past two decades on every wall. Any empty wall space features quirky, yet modern, Japanese designs which range from sumo wrestlers plastered on the ceiling to an ornate dragon painted on the back wall. Although there are only about ten tables, the restaurant is packed with families, couples, and parties, all competing to talk over the blaring music.  

Luckily, talking is not necessary when you are stuffing your face with unbelievable food. My favorite part was the appetizer; a Japanese Eggplant that melted in my mouth and was both wonderfully sweet and salty. For my main course, I devoured a Salmon and Lox Sushi roll that was not only beautifully presented, but was a perfect combination of fresh salmon, rice, and tomato. Unfortunately not all components of my meal were as appetizing as the first two courses. Along with my sushi, I ordered the house specialty drink; carbonated strawberry punch in a large bowl which was slightly too sweet and terribly overpriced. I was totally stuffed, but of course there is always room for dessert. The waiter recommended a mint chip brownie with vanilla ice cream that was tasty, but too rich and creamy to fully enjoy. All in all, the food in Sushi Roxx was not cheap, but definitely worth the hefty price tag for such beautiful sushi that tasted amazing.

Even though the food is exquisite, the main reason to visit Sushi Roxx is to experience the spectacular numbers put on by the waiters. With everything from an a capella version of “Big Spender” to a high intensity dance to “Let’s Get Loud,” Sushi Roxx’s talented waiters truly provide entertainment for all ages. All the choreography was perfectly in sync, the singing well rehearsed, and stunts executed without disturbing the patrons. Whether you are looking for a fun night out or exploring New York’s fine cuisine, Sushi Roxx will satisfy anyone looking for a unique, high energy dining experience.

Sushi Roxx is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner and is located at 120 E 39 Street.

by Caroline Meyer