Grey’s Anatomy Review

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*If you are not caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, this is a major spoiler alert*

Shonda Rhimes: you either love her, or you hate her. As the writer of the hit T.V. series Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes has too much control over our lives. She decides your mood every Friday morning. It all depends on the gut wrenching plot of Thursday night’s episode. You must have the right mindset and understand that your favorite character is most likely going to die. And then, when you recover and find new favorite characters, they will probably die too. Season after season, Grey’s Anatomy never fails to exceed all expectations. But, one could complain that the death of the beloved character Dr. George O’Malley in season six or the death of Dr. Mark Sloan in season nine ended their Grey’s Anatomy haze. If not, then maybe the death of fan favorite, Dr. Derek Shepherd at the end of season eleven forced you to give up your years of loyalty to all of the characters because it was just too hard to handle. But as someone who has watched and rewatched all eleven seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, I was just not willing to leave it all behind.

Grey’s Anatomy tells the story of Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital and all of the drama that goes along with it. Whether there’s a plane crash, a hand in a body cavity, or just an “average” procedure, Grey’s Anatomy always has you on the edge of your seat. When season twelve started, millions of fans still had unanswered questions. Will Jackson take April back? Who will be the new chief of surgery? What’s going on with the new interns? Shonda always manages to leave us tearing our hair out and coming back for more. Throughout the beginning of the season, Meredith was forced to cope with her husband’s death, Jackson had to face April when she returned from war, and Meredith discovers that Callie is dating Penny. At the end of the season twelve winter finale, basically everyone has the same three questions on their minds: Who is Nathan Riggs and what is his relationship to Owen? Will Jo accept Alex’s proposal? Will Meredith forgive Penny for Derek’s death? Knowing Shonda, all of these burning questions remained unanswered and the anticipation has millions of people going crazy.  Even though essentially every single character that you have loved has died, there is something about Grey’s Anatomy that keeps you coming back for more. Season twelve returns on Thursday, February 11. Make sure to tune in for a good (or really, really bad) time.

Grey’s Anatomy and other amazing Shondaland shows (Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder) are available on Netflix.

by Lena Glickman