I’m an Independent Floater Who Don’t Need No Clique

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I dont have a consistent friend group, I’m considered a “floater”. I don’t mind being alone; I actually like being friends with a variety of people, but it gets so hard around halloween and parties. I don’t know who to associate with. Help!

I’m an independent floater who don’t need no clique

We should all be more like floaters, like you. Floaters are so open and confident. You don’t need a group to depend on; you have your own sense of self! You’re like the one minivan in a sea of jeeps. Floaters don’t judge others, but are interested in variety. Although there is heavy pressure to belong to one set group, many cliques are not well liked. Who names themselves with Roman numerals, anyway? Although it may seem harder for you at events such as parties or Halloween, you will surprised how many groups would be open to having you join.  In fact, the more elusive you are, the more desirable you become like that close spot on Brewster. Even though you are a floater, you still have valuable friendships. Sending a few snapchats or texts can help keep friendships alive as well as remind your friends to invite you to their events. But a good friend should never abandon you in times of need.

We understand why you feel pressured to join a clique, but remember who you are. You don’t need to surround yourself with people to feel included, because at the end of the day, it only takes two to party.

Xx, Nick & Rose