How Do I Know My Sexuality?

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I’m confused about my sexuality…I’m not as into girls as my friends are… but I’m not necessarily into guys…well I mean I’ve never kissed a guy, so I don’t know I guess. How do I know?

How Do I Know My Sexuality?

In high school, we struggle everyday with balancing our own desires with the pressures of others.  How can we know about ourselves if we are always feeling a need to fit in?  It is also a very young age to know and be confident about your sexuality. There’s no real ‘telling point’ that shows where you may lie on the spectrum. And, surprise!!! There’s more than just straight, gay, and bi sexualities! That being said, researching some terms and talking to close friends or family can help you discover who you are. Even opening up to one close friend can make a huge difference.

Don’t compare yourself to others because everyone’s different. You can label yourself whatever you feel is right, regardless of your experience with either gender. It’s surprising how many straight people have never been with someone of the opposite sex and whose sexuality is never questioned. You can’t push or rush yourself; remember you’re only in high school!

Xx, Nick & Rose