The Freshman Fresh Start

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I’m getting so nervous about college and life post-high school!!! My parents want so much from me and all my friends are motivated and setting expectations so high… but I don’t know what I want…What do I do?

The freshman fresh start

Your concerns are very real and, quite often, common among rising college freshmen.  Most of us are scared about having “baggage” (like all your hidden hobbies- knitting or perhaps preparing fresh batches of quinoa daily) and setting high expectations (twerking on the quad) when starting anew. But, college should be your fresh start.  Center your experience around your own desires, both academically and socially. Your parents and friends have no influence over the decisions you make.  They can’t witness your failures, experiments, or choices. So, don’t let yourself care and don’t be afraid to mix it up. Remember, everyone arrives on campus with insecurities; they won’t be interested in yours.  Like you, they want a fresh start and won’t be quick to judge.  

College is a time for you to be yourself!  You know, improve that quinoa recipe.  It’s okay not to know what you want. Try not to let anxiety become your own worst enemy, preventing you from finding yourself and your interests.  These next four years will be some of the best times in your life and these initial doubts will be forgotten in the past.  

Xx, Nick & Rose