17 Ways to Survive Testing Week

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1. The first step is to mentally prepare yourself for what is coming. You have to prioritize during the calm before the storm. Because lets be real, once testing week hits theres nothing you can do, but sit back and hope for the best. Between your research paper(s) and chem tests and everything in between there will be no room to breath. So get all of your breathing out of the way beforehand.


2. Follow up your mental preparation by catching up on all your tv shows and binge watching Netflix.


3. Repeat step two as many times as necessary until you have filled your Netflix quota. Doing this will ensure that you can be distraction free during testing week. Probably.


4. Actually start studying. Break out your textbooks and make your Quizlets. Testing week doesn’t own you. You own testing week.


5. Take a break because life isn’t all about studying. Right? Go to the village because yes, you do deserve that salad and large iced-tea lemonade.


6. Realize how much work you actually have to do and start freaking out. Procrastination starts now

7. Do everything you have to do… except for homework. Don’t study for your spanish quarterly porque no es importante. Clean your room. Lie on your floor and cry. Internet.

8. Check back into reality and realize that the best course of action is to probably do your work, so you can go to college.

9. Consider what life would be like as a hobo.

10. Decide that you really don’t want to be a hobo because hobos can’t afford cable. Head to the library

11. Close your eyes and hope that your 8 page research paper on World War II will go away. When it doesn’t, start writing. Cry a little on the inside.


12. Finish your research paper. Feel accomplished. Then realize you still have a physics quarterly, a French essay, and a math test. Go back to step 6.


13. Look at .gifs of cats cuddling with other animals for 3 hours. Because it is important. You are relieving stress and simultaneously preventing future breakouts.


14. Spend your frees talking to Jlev and eating cookies from the cafeteria because you are going to do work when you get home anyways.

15. Find a really smart person and slowly steal their identity. This shouldn’t be too difficult as there are smart people everywhere. They come in all grades and sizes.

16. If you are a really smart person, hide. (Refer to step 15)

17. Practice your deep breathing and realize that you are stressing for nothing. You got this. That math quarterly has nothing on you. Grab your Starbucks and ace your tests with confidence.



By Jaanvi Sachdeva