18 Thoughts You Have on a Monday

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  1. What in the world is that God awful sound? Make it stop make it stop make it stop.


2. Oh. Alarm clock. Maybe if hit snooze enough times it’ll just shut up.


3. It’s time to lug my body out of bed. Goodbye, the love of my life. I hope I can meet you again. Soon.


4. And eat breakfast. Chewing takes too much effort.


5. Stay awake while driving stay awake while driving WHY ARE DRIVERS SO OBNOXIOUS stay calm while driving.


6. I need a cup of coffee. Or two. Or six.


7. Yes, school. Exactly where I want to be. I love these hallways, I love being here at eight a.m.


8. Why are you people so obnoxious? Can you stop talking? It hurts my head.




10. That bell sounds like the laugh of Satan.


11. “I hope you all had a good weekend” hah hah hah why’d you give us all that homework?


12. What in the world is my teacher saying…?

13. YES, my long awaited free of the day. Hi friends. I missed you guys. Even though I saw you yesterday at Langes.


14. It’s noon. Almost done. Hang in there. I can do this.


15. My phone is dying. I. Don’t. Even. Care. What has become of me?


16. Last period of the day. I’m almost there.




18.  Ah, bed. The love of my life. How I’ve missed you. Goodbye Monday!


By Nishna Singh