Chipotle vs. Salsa Fresca

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There are few things I appreciate more than a nice quesarito (the magical love-child of the burrito and a quesadilla) after a long school day. Something about every bite I take from those meat filled burritos just keeps me coming back to Chipotle. And with the new store opening in White Plains, our favorite fast-food Mexican chain is closer than ever.

Taco ManInspired by Chipotle’s success, another restaurant is looking to emulate the chain’s quick service and dedicated clientele. Salsa Fresca will seem familiar to anybody who has ever eaten at Potle, from the line reaching from the entrance to the end of the burrito bar to the small tables and booths meant for four at a time. However, Salsa Fresca offers dishes you wouldn’t see at Chipotle, ranging from large platters of nachos meant for two to actual quesadillas (as opposed to Chipotle’s children menu quesadillas). Salsa Fresca also includes free chips and salsa with every order. The tomatoes at Salsa Fresca are slightly sweeter than Chipotle’s in their mild salsa, and the brown rice is slightly more flavorful. The service is quick enough and comparable to Rye Brook’s Chipotle (but not White Plains’ Chipotle).

While Salsa Fresca offers more choices than Chipotle, many people still prefer the quick and dependable service at Chipotle. Potle’s chips are more flavorful than Salsa Fresca’s (even if they charge extra for them) and the cheese at Chipotle is better melted.

Salsa Fresca offers a student discount everyday from 11-4 where burritos are only five dollars. Although Chipotle will always occupy a special place in my heart, I urge other Mexican-fast-food fans to try Salsa Fresca.

by Alan Zhong