Letter from the Web Editors in Chief

Photo credit: Pixabary

Photo credit: Pixabary

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Hi! We’re the new web editors-in-chief of Maroon. We plan to make shsmaroon.org your new Facebook (’cause let’s be real, that thing is dying). The school website will be a new part of your daily social media checkup (hopefully). It will be filled with articles that are interesting about fellow classmates, teachers, and Raider related news (especially our killer hockey team, of course). There will no longer be long, full articles, but instead short, quick reads, so that you can actually fit reading news on the site into your busy schedule (trust us, we get it). Our vision for your school website is to be interactive and actually relevant to your daily Scarsdale lives. The site will soon be full of fun quizzes to help you procrastinate such as “Which Teacher Are You”? (We know you’re all praying you get Rashid), videos, and pictures. We want to fill the website with stories that you guys actually care about, so please let us know if you have any ideas or hear of any news going on!

We are redesigning the entire site and we want to incorporate your visions. We are hunting for sports reporters, quiz makers, weekly bloggers about your passions (fashion, baking, any talents you possess). We have also started a branch of the website, Humans of Scarsdale and are always on the lookout for new reporters– like our page on Facebook! This is a website about you and your school, so we want it to reflect the student body of 2015.

The two of us alone cannot represent 1600 students, so we need your help!

Email us if you’re interested in writing for the site, having your own blog, being a member of Humans of Scarsdale, taking pictures, or just sharing your feelings with us. We would love nothing more than to hear from you.

Get pumped.

Julia Klayman and Maria Marginean
Web Editors-in-Chief