A Letter from the Print Editors-in-Chief

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For our first issue, and the many to come, we are going to tell the truth. We’ll try to tell the hard truths, the fun truths, and the ugly truths. With luck, the truth will raise some hell. If it does then we will know we’ve done our job right. The attacks in Paris have impressed upon us the absolute importance of raising hell, and committing to journalistic integrity. We’re not going to treat Maroon as a high school publication, but a full-fledged newspaper with all the responsibilities that come with it. We are committed to representing the student body as best we can, and giving a voice to your passions. We believe in writing what is relevant and what is important. Ultimately, we want to leave a legacy for future Maroon staff, and for Scarsdale High School. Years from now, we want to look back on our tenure and be proud, knowing we published a news- paper that was worth reading.

However, we’re going to need your help. With every great newspaper comes an even greater group of readers. We owe you our existence, and as such we promise to treat you with the respect you deserve. The absolute creativity, passion, and drive of the people within Scarsdale High School never fails to amaze us. We believe in the power of the stories you have to tell. All we ask is that you believe in us.

Gaby Dickson and Abby Haber
Print Editors-In-Chief