An assortment of the different donuts available at Duck Donuts. (Maroon Staff)
An assortment of the different donuts available at Duck Donuts.

Maroon Staff

Review: Donut Miss Out on “Duck Donuts”

January 20, 2020

With an abundant number of flavors and made-to-order toppings, Duck Donuts is a growing donut franchise that serves made-to-order donuts.  It started in the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina in 2007, and has quickly spread to 26 states with over 225 locations. On January 11, 2020, the newest Duck Donuts location had a busy opening at its location on 805 Mamaroneck Avenue. Even a week after opening when I visited, there was a line down the block to get a taste. After trying these donuts, it is no wonder that the franchise has such a good reputation.  

Maroon Staff
The donuts are freshly made and decorated right in front of the customers.

The store sells fresh made-to-order donuts that allow the customers to choose their own combinations. The make-your-own process begins with a vanilla-cake donut and then customers can choose a base glaze or coating, a topping, and a drizzle. There are many sweet and salty options to choose from. Aside from the custom donuts, the store also has a selection of popular flavor combinations that customers can order. Some of these flavors include s’mores, peanut butter oreo, and maple bacon (with real chopped bacon). There are also limited time flavors including Nutella-covered donuts that will only be available until March 2. 

I sampled several different favors, and they were all tasty. My favorite was the s’mores flavor, which had a tasty combination of marshmallow drizzle and chocolate glaze. At $2.25 per donut, $11.25 for six, and $22.50 for a dozen, it is priced very fairly. Although its leading local competitor, Dunkin Donuts, costs less, there is no comparison in terms of quality—Duck Donuts wins out! And as a nod to its roots and name, for $2, customers can purchase a small rubber duck.

Maroon Staff
An assortment of the different donuts available at Duck Donuts.

Duck Donuts offers many delicious options, but not many accommodations for allergies. As of now, none of the stores serve any gluten free donuts. Since chopped peanuts are a regular topping, they cannot guarantee that nuts have not touched the donuts in the process of getting decorated. Also, the donuts may be produced in a facility that contains tree nuts. 

There also was not much offered other than donuts—although the store did have flavored coffees and an egg breakfast sandwich served on an english muffin or donut (of course).

Duck Donuts is a great new addition to Mamaroneck and will be a go-to for a sweet breakfast or trendy dessert. Although the donuts are not the cheapest option, they always come warm and taste delicious!


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