(Photo Credit: Maroon Staff)

Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

A Spirited Scarsdale High School

September 30, 2019

Spirit week certainly brought out the creativity and high energy of SHS Students!

On Monday 9/16, people took notes on lectures and completed tests while snuggled up in their comfortable pajamas. From classic plaid pajama pants to snazzy onesies, SHS felt like an all-inclusive slumber party.

A school wide blackout happened on Tuesday as people from freshmen to seniors dressed up in all black. Many girls wore black leggings… a shocker I know! I am sure they did so for blackout day and it’s not their everyday go-to.

On Wednesday, Fourth of July came three months too late to school. From tie-dye blue, red and white T-shirts to star spangled banner socks, SHS was truly patriotic.

Vineyard vine T-shirts made a comeback for Thursday’s preppy day. Girls rocked plaid skirts and polos while boys wore the classic collared shirt and sweater combo.

Highlights from the Fall Pep Rally

Finally, the week came to an end with some good old fashioned Maroon and White spirit at the pep rally! Lots of SHS logos could easily spotted as you looked around the gym. We were truly a spirited Scarsdale High School! 

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