2020 Vision: SHS Seniors Continue Back-to-School Traditions

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Welcome back, Seniors!

Although senior year brings stresses in the forms of college applications and increasingly difficult classes, there are many traditions that seniors can look forward to, namely Facebook names, Brewster chalking, and Halloween. But even before those, for the first day of school, students elected to decorate their cars with humorous sayings, signifying to everyone in the Scarsdale community that they have made it to the top of the hierarchy. “Painting cars is a great way to start high school, and it really makes you feel apart of the senior community. It was also exciting because I got to see my friends again,” said Sarah Epstein ’20.


Additionally, on the evening of the first day back to school, seniors received their senior class shirts, which they wear for events like the chalking. This year’s class motto is “2020 Vision.” “We chose ‘2020 Vision’ because we wanted to have a creative motto for the back of our senior shirts that would also correspond with the year we were graduating. As a government, we thought this motto was clever, because not only does it state the year of our graduation, but it also shows that we have a vision and clarity for our senior year and what’s to come ahead of us,” said Senior Class Treasurer Gabriel Lesser ’20. 

Senior Class Government Officers manage the grill at the annual back-to-school bonfire. Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

Overall, the seniors are optimistic for the year ahead. “Applying to college is stressful, but I’m excited for the senior traditions as well as second semester,” said Felicity Huang ’20. Despite the stress, students hope to make to make the most of their last year at SHS.

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