Photo Credit: Flickr - Marco Verch
Photo Credit: Flickr - Marco Verch

10 Signs that School Has Started

September 13, 2019

Ah, yes. September. The weather gets colder, the days get shorter, and the beginning of school rears its ugly head. Even as you physically step into the building, you’re probably somewhere else mentally—anywhere but here. If you’re unsure that the start of school has hit you, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  1. Your head hurts. A lot. Is it stress? No breakfast? Dehydration?? All of the above???
  2. Everyone is tanner than you are. Did you know that your friend went to Mykonos? Because they went to Mykonos. Fun fact: the Greek economy is being held up solely by Scarsdale tourists! 
  3. You find yourself being nice to people you despise. It’s not “being fake,” it’s “assigned seating in math and not having any other options.”
  4. Your feed is clogged with girls posting pictures of them frowning with “how I feel about school starting” captions. Haha! So relatable!
  5. You actually know what day of the week it is. Long gone is the summer sleep schedule of 4am-bedtime-12pm-wake-up. Until testing week. 
  6. You see seniors getting sad about their “last first day,” “last fall pep rally,” or “last first quarter.” That’s called Stockholm Syndrome. 
  7. Your teachers don’t remember your name. Depending on the teacher, this could also be a sign it’s second semester. 
  8. You’re motivated to make this year your best one yet. A definite sign that school has only just begun. That will go away. Very quickly. 
  9. Your inbox is full of Kenny B’s emails that are way too hopeful. We get it. The Scarsdale Schools District is committed to community, education, and excellence. 
  10. You’re hearing the word “wellness.” A lot. Try to think about a single time you heard someone use the word during summer. That’s right. You can’t. School has begun.
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