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Photo Credit: Pixabay

Eight Signs That Summer is Coming

June 16, 2019

Finals week is near and another school year is coming to a close.  With these 8 signs, you will be able to tell in a second whether it is almost summer or just another day at SHS. 


  1. No seniors. There are no seniors to be seen roaming the halls of SHS like the other students. The seniors are busy at their senior options and have already finished their finals. But isn’t it funny how local restaurants such as Cooked & Co and Chopt are standing room only.
  2. Infinite prom photos in your Instagram feed. You may have noticed that everyone, EVERYONE, who went to prom posted a photo on Instagram letting you know that they went. Prom, an end of the year dance, is 100% an indicator that summer is near.
  3. Loads and loads of work. It seems that when the school year is ending and the slowness of summer laziness is on the horizon, the school work starts to increase. Suddenly every teacher remembers that they forgot to assign 3 tests. If your workload spikes, don’t be alarmed, it means summer is close by.
  4. The warm weather. This indicator may sound obvious, but now with climate change, you might’ve been thinking that summer was coming in February. Now, with consistently warmer weather and full tables of students outside during lunch and frees, summer is definitely around the corner.
  5. The ice cream truck. You may have been puzzled why you keep finding yourself whistling “Pop Goes the Weasel,” but it may have to do with the ice cream truck parked at the Brewster Road Entrance that allows kids to have a treat to cool off (see number 4).
  6. Fans in the classroom. You may wonder why you are struggling to hear your teacher even though they seem to be shouting.  THE FANS ARE BACK. The classrooms that don’t have air conditioning use fans to cool the room down in the hot weather (if you still haven’t, see number 4).
  7. Camp jewelry is the latest fashion statement. Apple Watches are now accompanied by beaded and friendship bracelets. All the camp-goers have started to wear their customized camp bracelets which show that they are counting down the days until they can go back to their “home away from home.”
  8. Outdoor gym classes.  When your gym class starts to do activities and sports outside, then you really truly know that SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE. Cons to this: more sweating. I’m very sorry if you have gym first period.


You can now get rid of that pasty, white complexion you have been sporting all winter and work on your summer tan. Just don’t tell your dermatologist… or your mother. The Maroon staff hopes you have an amazing summer and we can’t wait to see you next year.

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