Freshman Class Event – Color Run

Photo Credit: Janmariz Deguia ’22

Lilac Lin

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As the threat of finals slowly encroaches in every freshman’s mind, the freshman class government set to work organizing a spectacular class event in order to destress the ninth graders. Last Friday, May 31st, shouts of happiness filled Dean Field as students participated in a variety of traditional field day events, such as Coke and Pepsi, water balloon fights, and, of course, the theme of the entire occurrence, a color run! With the promise of free food came a crowd of noisy freshmen, all of whom got to witness Scarsdale High School history in the making as it was the first color run of its kind. Needless to say, everyone who attended enjoyed themselves immensely and have undoubtedly already put their chalk-stained t-shirts on display.

Unfortunately, although the color run accomplished its goal of helping students to relax, the event lacked in attendance, as many people were preoccupied with other affairs. “The SAT exams were the next morning, so I know a lot of my friends didn’t want to attend because they wanted to study,” explained Maud Cornelissen ’22. Though the timing could have been better, the underlying problem is not with the event itself, but with the fact that many students have begun to lose interest in school organized events. Hopefully, with the great efforts of the class governments. and the help of countless other individuals, in the future, more people will be motivated to attend.