Farewell to Lange’s

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As the month of May comes to an end, so too will one of Scarsdale Village’s most beloved delicatessens: Lange’s. In less than fifty years, Lange’s has not only embedded itself into the town’s history, but it has also functioned as a fundamental part of high school life. Offering a variety of creatively named sandwiches, salads, and other healthy options, the deli ensures that all customers are completely satisfied and has become one of the most popular spots for students to get lunch.

Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

Although there have been rumors concerning Lange’s closing throughout the past several months, these rumors were widely discredited and cast aside at first. “I was very surprised to hear that Lange’s is closing because I thought that they were doing so well,” said Crystal Feng ’22. Aside from providing catering services for various school events, the eatery’s mellow setting has also housed two generations of Scarsdale High School students, many of whom are such regular customers that they have gotten to know the friendly group of workers there and even the owner, Tony Domini.

Photo Credit: Maroon Staff

However, due to financial reasons, the deli is set to close this Friday, May 31. Due to the increasing prominence of social media in students’ daily lives, messages about healthier and more balanced diets have spread like wildfire, causing a salad from the learning commons to appear more attractive than a sandwich, leading to less business at Lange’s. In the hustle and bustle that is life today, many people also opt for more convenient ways of procuring food, such as ordering something online with delivery service, which is another factor that is harming business.

There is no doubt that the eatery will be missed, but at this point, in order to thank Lange’s for its years of amazing food and dedication, we can only keep it alive in our memory and hope that the store that replaces Lange’s knows that it has big shoes to fill.