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When we go to a restaurant or a supermarket, for the most part, we assume that what we eat is safe. This is because the FDA regulates what goes into our food in order to ensure that Americans consume foods that are safe.   Similarly, we assume that the news we read is true. Without looking

Clique Culture

Clique culture. You’ve seen it in Mean Girls and in Gossip Girl, and you have most likely experienced it here. Discussing clique culture is a perennial favorite here at Maroon, and with Halloween behind us, the staff has spent a lot of time reflecting on the pervasive topic. And so, we made it our mission

No Grades? No Problem

Physical education has played an integral role in our education since the dawn of our journey in the Scarsdale Schools system. In elementary school, P.E. was a particularly fun part of the day during which we could channel our cheerful youth and expand our creativity and aptitude for recreational activities. In middle school, P.E. allowed

Stress at SHS: A Call to Action

When was the last time you remember doing something you really loved? No, not something you did for your SAT prep class. No, not something you did just for the extra credit points on your math test. No, not something you did solely for college. I mean something you did because you truly wanted to

Are We Safe at SHS?

After the Sandy Hook massacre on December 14, 2012, shock reverberated throughout the SHS halls.  A community just like Scarsdale had been brutally attacked, and 20 children had been killed.  Elementary schools like Sandy Hook should be a safe haven for children, a warm learning environment.  That day, however, the school erupted into a nightmare

Let’s talk about Sex(ism)

In recent weeks, after discussing the differences in PE practices based on gender, we at Maroon considered the repercussions of these standards (see “PE Handball Unit Causes Controversy” on page 1). As both SHS students and Maroon continue to debate these rules, new questions regarding the varying gender expectations arise. Do differences in gender standards have

Je Suis Charlie

On Wednesday, January 7, 2015, two Islamic militants, Cherif and Said Kouachi, attacked the headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Protesting the crude and blasphemous depictions of Muhammad on Charlie Hebdo’s covers, the brothers killed numerous employees of the newspaper. Amidst the chaos that ensued, Charlie Hebdo had its own response. Six days after the

Sweater Weather

  Red and yellow; green and white; orange and blue. After walking through the halls of SHS and tallying the myriad collegiate color pairings, a visitor might never guess our school colors are maroon and white. College apparel is the de facto “jeans and a t-shirt” of the typical SHS student’s wardrobe — nothing short