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Tri-M Induction

On March 16th, the Scarsdale High School Tri-M Music Honor Society had their induction ceremony in the music tower at SHS. Along with the formal acceptances of new members, several students performed for the audience and a few people gave speeches. The ceremony was recorded for the local channel, and the audience included current members

Victory for Science Olympiad!

On Saturday, February 11th, Scarsdale High School students from the Science Olympiad team traveled to Byram Hills High School in Armonk, New York. Competitors built devices such as hovercrafts and were tested on their scientific knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics. Scarsdale High School’s team was able to secure fifteen medals, ranging from first place to

Meet the Captains // Softball

As the next sports season approaches, new teams will be configured, as well as new team captains will try to rise to the challenge of leading their team to victory. Now, you can check in with the captains of the 2017 Softball team: Carolina Stainfeld ’17: I’m looking forward to finding out who is on

New Schedule Released

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! On the first day of school this year, it was announced that 75 minutes would be added to the school week district wide. Now, the schedule for the 2017-2018 school year and onward has been released after much speculation. The most notable differences are: First bell rings 5 minutes

Nick Coeytaux Skis to States!

On Sunday, February 26 – Monday, February 28, Ski States took place at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort in Canandaigua, NY and Gore Mountain Ski Resort in North Creek, NY. Nick Coeytaux ’18 was the only racer from the Scarsdale High School Ski Team to qualify for the race. Approximately 70 boys from the state of

Things to do Over the Summer

Need some inspiration on how to spend your summer? Here are 9 great ideas that will keep your summer interesting and fun!   Work at a Day Camp Working with kids is a great way to gain some work experience and a little extra cash. Not only will you connect with the kids, but you

Orchestra Takes Germany!

Sunday, February 19th We arrived at Frankfurt Airport after a seven hour plane ride and started out our tour of Germany by taking a boat cruise. The boat went down the Rhein where we got our first glimpse of the city of Bonn. We passed by the Rock of Loreley and learned about the myth.

Back & Better Than Ever: Cats the Musical Review

During its time, Cats was the longest running Broadway show, closing after 7,485 performances in September of 2000. Now, it’s back! Cats reopened in late July, 2016. The music is exactly the same as the original production, and the new directors preserved the lively and upbeat nature of the show when it was first on