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Feature articles

MLK Celebration

Last Friday, on January 15th, Scarsdale High School celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his actions and reflected on how today’s society compares to Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream,” speech. This year’s event was organized by Ms. Waters, Ms. Plunkett, and Mr. Bedoya. According to Ms. Plunkett, the overall goal of the event

A School Profile

The Scarsdale Alternative School, or the A-School, founded in 1972, is a community made up of approximately 80 SHS sophomores, juniors, and seniors. One of the first alternative schools in the country, it sought a different style of learning. Its mission is to foster strong teacher-student relationships, collaborative learning, and democracy. All faculty and students

Students, Stress, and SHS

Students at Scarsdale High School are forced to endure stress on a daily basis. In previous years, the faculty has formed the Wellness Committee, a group that focuses on relieving stress. A stress survey was conducted in early November in order to better understand how they should take action. The leaders of this committee, SHS

School Spiritless

Scarsdale High School Homecoming Dance: September 26, 2002–Countless students surround trash cans as they fight waves of nausea. Some individuals lie unconscious on the gym floor. Four students are sped to the hospital, and 28 are suspended for three days. Because of the amount of underage drinking that took place at the 2002 Homecoming Dance,

Behind the Screen: Cyberbullying at SHS

Emma* stretches her legs across the black leather couch. Her fingers lie on the dusty keyboard, her eyes scan her Facebook news feed on her laptop. She is about to wish a friend a happy birthday when she hears a ring: she has received a Facebook message. “Your clothes looked disgusting today,” it reads. She

SHS Alumni and the Drug War: Ethan Nadelmann ’75

Scarsdale Alumni, Ethan Nadelmann ’75 has dedicated his life to educating the American public about politics and the world around us. After working as a professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton University for seven years, he has dedicated his time to developing meaningful drug reform both in the United States and abroad. As

Global Citizen Day

On October 8, SHS students and staff participated in an all-day event aimed to motivate and engage SHS to take action in the world. Ms. Waters, advisor of the Human Rights Coalition club and history teacher, started Global Citizen Day three years ago and has been involved in its organization for the past three years.