In the Limelight articles

Nick Coeytaux Skis to States!

On Sunday, February 26 – Monday, February 28, Ski States took place at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort in Canandaigua, NY and Gore Mountain Ski Resort in North Creek, NY. Nick Coeytaux ’18 was the only racer from the Scarsdale High School Ski Team to qualify for the race. Approximately 70 boys from the state of

Can’t Touché This

Growing up, kids read stories about warriors fighting with swords. For most children, the extent to which this fantasy becomes a reality is predominantly playing with fake swords in their backyards, but for some, this dream becomes true. Kristen Wong ’18, Polly Adler ’19, and Reza Merchant ’20 are three skilled fencers within our student

A-School Internships 2017

Every year, students in the Alternative School get to leave school for the month of January. Instead of school, A-Schoolers try to find something they would enjoy doing, while learning about skills outside of the typical classroom. These internships are similar to the Senior Options program. The goal of internship is for A-School students to

Jigs, Wigs and Worlds

“Hi Chris. There’s a thing called Irish Dancing on Tuesdays in White Plains. I can take the kids after school and you can pick them up after work. There’s even a parade,” offered Megan Donovan to Christine Amoriello over the phone. The two mothers thought nothing would be cuter than watching their daughters hop around

How Making a Difference is a Piece of Cake

The smell of chocolate fills the kitchen, music plays softly in the background, students laugh and chat as they mix and measure, and it’s all for one reason. One cake at a time, Nico Stainfeld ’16 and Carolina Stainfeld ’17 are making a difference. The siblings’ certified 501(c)3 nonprofit, Cakes4Cause, is finding success both in

“Congresswoman” Waldman Fights for Justice

SHS sophomore Jessica Waldman ’17 has recently become a member of Congress; not the U.S. Congress but the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Children’s Congress. For three days in July, Waldman had the opportunity to speak with congressmen on Capitol Hill about her illness. Since being diagnosed with type 1 (T1D) diabetes in 6th grade,

Appsolutely Genius

Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, Trivia Crack, and Stuck in Orbit–what do they all have in common? They are all addictive apps that students use to escape the monotonous world of school and stress. But which one is not like the others? Stuck in Orbit was created by SHS student Zachary Bernstein ’16, making this app

In the Limelight: Kseniya Kornilova ’16

Kseniya Kornilova ’16, who hails from Kazakhstan, has joined the Scarsdale community through FLEX this year with the help of her host family, the Aurbacher’s. Every year, SHS accepts students from around the globe through various exchange programs, in- cluding Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX), which provides schol- arships for high school students from Eurasia to