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Voices, Unheard

Voices, Unheard

The numbers: One in eight kids are diagnosed with anxiety. Six to eight percent of teens have serious depression. 2.8 million American adolescents had at least one major depressive episode in 2014. These are the numbers: the cold, hard facts. But these facts are made up of millions of children who, every day, deal with

The Weight of the Problem

For as long as she can remember, Chloe* has experienced issues when it comes to her body image. “I have a hard time loving my body when my family members make me feel really insecure about it … I wish that one day I feel confident [enough] in myself that I will not feel the

It Does Happen Here

Carmen* has spent the past three months wondering what she had done wrong. Had she worn different attire, would he have still picked her? She’s not sure how things happened so fast but it did and now she just can’t forget. “The girls bathroom has become a place I know too well. I’m not in

School Spiritless

Scarsdale High School Homecoming Dance: September 26, 2002–Countless students surround trash cans as they fight waves of nausea. Some individuals lie unconscious on the gym floor. Four students are sped to the hospital, and 28 are suspended for three days. Because of the amount of underage drinking that took place at the 2002 Homecoming Dance,

Behind the Screen: Cyberbullying at SHS

Emma* stretches her legs across the black leather couch. Her fingers lie on the dusty keyboard, her eyes scan her Facebook news feed on her laptop. She is about to wish a friend a happy birthday when she hears a ring: she has received a Facebook message. “Your clothes looked disgusting today,” it reads. She