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Group Chat Grief

Whenever I try and talk to my friends in the group chat, my responses are never really responded to, and rarely do they pay much attention to me, it’s like they all know to ignore me. It’s not as easy to just exiting the chat, what should I do to get their attention or let

Time Management Mayhem

How do I manage my time better? I stay up all night and barely sleep.. how do I cope with the stress of SHS and still maintain a social life??? Help plz. Time management is definitely a skill that takes time to develop. One way to deal with time management is to make a to

Lonely Life

I feel so alone…. I don’t have a dependable friend group or friends at all, I’m always second to everyone else, whenever the person I’m talking or walking with sees someone else they know they leave me hanging without even a goodbye. I never get invited to anything. I don’t know what to do. People

The Freshman Fresh Start

I’m getting so nervous about college and life post-high school!!! My parents want so much from me and all my friends are motivated and setting expectations so high… but I don’t know what I want…What do I do? The freshman fresh start Your concerns are very real and, quite often, common among rising college freshmen.

How Do I Know My Sexuality?

I’m confused about my sexuality…I’m not as into girls as my friends are… but I’m not necessarily into guys…well I mean I’ve never kissed a guy, so I don’t know I guess. How do I know? How Do I Know My Sexuality? In high school, we struggle everyday with balancing our own desires with the

I’m an Independent Floater Who Don’t Need No Clique

I dont have a consistent friend group, I’m considered a “floater”. I don’t mind being alone; I actually like being friends with a variety of people, but it gets so hard around halloween and parties. I don’t know who to associate with. Help! I’m an independent floater who don’t need no clique We should all