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Holiday Gift Giving Guide - SHS Maroon

Holiday Gift Giving Guide


  1. Your ideal winter day would be…
    1. Baking fresh batch of cookies.
    2. Hitting the slopes for a day of skiing.
    3. Curling up near a warm fire and reading a book.
    4. Spending a day at the mall with friends.
    5. Staying in bed and binge watching your favorite show.
  2. Your favorite Christmas song is…
    1. Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire by Nat King Cole
    2. Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms
    3. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
    4. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
    5. All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
  3. Your last google search was…
    1. Christmas cookie recipes.
    2. Browsing ESPN.
    3. Related to school.
    4. Online shopping.
    5. Youtube or Netflix.
  4. Your ugly christmas sweater…
    1. Has gingerbread and/or candy canes on it.
    2. Has a reindeer on the front
    3. Lights up.
    4. Is more cute than ugly.
    5. Is the Drake Hotline Bling sweater.
  5. Your go to Christmas movie is…
    1. Elf
    2. Home Alone
    3. The Polar Express
    4. Miracle on 34th street
    5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  6. During winter break you could be found…
    1. Building a gingerbread house
    2. Going to the ice rink to skate with some friends
    3. Spending time at the new Barnes and Noble
    4. Going to the Jingle Ball
    5. Binge watching an entire TV show on Netflix
  7. Your go to winter Starbucks order is…
    1. Peppermint mocha
    2. Chestnut Praline latte
    3. Simple hot chocolate
    4. Holiday Spice Flat White
    5. Egg Nog Latte
  8. The last movie/TV show you watched was…
    1. The latest episode of Chopped
    2. The latest episode of American Ninja Warrior  
    3. A black and white classic
    4. An old episode of The Bachelorette
    5. The new Gilmore Girls revival
  9. Your gingerbread house…
    1. Is bound to win first place!
    2. Doesn’t look much like a house.. It fell apart after two seconds
    3. Is as traditional as one can get
    4. Is covered in pink sprinkles
    5. Has cool light up features
  10. Favorite winter accessory is…
    1. Knit gloves with fuzz on the inside
    2. Lululemon ear warmers
    3. A hand knit scarf
    4. Basic chestnut uggs
    5. Fuzzy socks



Mostly 1’s

The food lover. From a collection of your favorite candy bars or some homemade cookies to a gift card to Lange’s, you would love anything related to food.

Mostly 2’s

The star athlete. You love to be active and would enjoy anything that has to do with sports, from a sport watch to activewear from your favorite stores.

Mostly 3’s

The book worm. You love to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. You would enjoy books from the bestseller list, a new kindle, or a new laptop case.

Mostly 4’s

The makeup and fashion guru. You’d kill for a Sephora shopping spree, a Kylie lip kit/product, or a gift card to your favorite clothing stores.

Mostly 5’s

The basic technology lover. You can’t go anywhere without your phone, and you spend most of your days surfing the web on your laptop while watching your favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu. You’d love a PopSocket, concert tickets, a charger iPhone case, or a Mastercard gift card.

by: Sophia Hovakimian and Isabelle Boucher