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Carnival 2016 - SHS Maroon

Carnival 2016

The sounds of kids screaming on the Zipper and the sight of the bright lights of Pharoah’s Fury filled the Brewster Road entrance of SHS on April 15th and 16th at Scarsdale’s annual carnival.  In April every year, there is a town carnival at Scarsdale High School with a variety of rides and games.  Students from preschool to high school attend the carnival and look forward to it every year.  

This year, the cost of a wristband that allowed you to go on the rides was $35 and the games ranged in price, but were usually around a few dollars.  Most of the money raised at the carnival for the wristbands and by the student government was given to three charities selected by the senior class government: the Paulie Strong Foundation, set up for the Greenacres student that passed away, the Michael Ludwig Foundation, set up for a student who would have been graduating this year but passed away in elementary school, and a service organization helping women in the armed forces.  The carnival went from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Friday and 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturday.  “We were so lucky to have amazing weather both nights, so the carnival was really successful with very high attendance, and everyone seemed to enjoy it and be engaged,” shared SHS social studies teacher Patrick Healy, head of student government.  The student government helped advertise the carnival this year by putting up posters all around Scarsdale’s elementary schools and middle school, talking to PTA, and talking to Maroon and White.  “Carnival really is the effort of so many different people.  The number of club advisors, class advisors, and students who run clubs — the carnival would not have been as successful without all of those people coming together and really committing to make it a great event,” stated Healy.  

At the carnival, there were also different booths set up by different clubs at SHS that sold food and raised money for their clubs.  Instead of selling food, the Edward Williams Club had a “pie-in-the-face” booth.  Each person had to pay $3 to get a pie to “pie” someone in the face, and even teachers were being “pied.”  Also, the Epilepsy Club was giving out fish as a prize at their booth.  They set up a game where each person was given a ping pong ball that he or she would have to throw into any of the fishbowls set up for the game. If a person got the ping pong ball in the fishbowl, he or she would win a fish.  The cost to play was $5 and each person would get three tries.  Overall, the carnival went very well and was successful.  A lot of people came to the carnival this year and a lot of money was raised.  Hopefully next year we will have another carnival just like this one to look forward to.

By Amanda Ruzumna

Photo Courtesy: Ariel Kachuro and Sam Bleiden

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