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Promposals - SHS Maroon




Thomas Cooke ’15 and Ali Kass ’15

Ali Kass ’15 had just gotten a new puppy on Saturday, April 25. When she came home from Soul Cycle, her new puppy was waiting for her. The dog was all dressed up in a tuxedo bearing the word “Prom?” along with Kass’s old puppy and boyfriend, Thomas Cooke ’15.  He held a bouquet of flowers, and brought balloons in the color of the college she will be attending (University of Texas-Austin), as well as a sign. Cut out letters spelling out the word, “PROM” were collaged with pictures of the couple from their over three year long relationship.“It was special because my close friends and family also came to my house to watch it happen,” commented Kass.




Charlie Rubin ’15 and Hannah Wolloch ’15

Charlie Rubin ’15 modelled his promposal after unnamed-3Michael Scott’s proposal in the well-known show, The Office. He made a plan with Hannah’s mom to pretend she needed the car, so Rubin would have to drive his girlfriend, Hannah Wollach ’15 home. They drove around for a while, and he took her to the place where they had their first kiss about a year prior. Next, they drove to Wollach’s house and Rubin asked to come in. Inside the house Charlie’s friends were in a line in the living room and up the stairs to her room holding candles. Each one asking her to prom as she ascended up the stairs to her room with Rubin trailing closely behind. Once they got to her room, there were candles everywhere; on her desk, dresser, and night table. A sign with The Office logo said  “Prom?”. At this moment, he asked her if she would go to prom with him, and she said no. Just kidding, she said yes of course.”I just loved how much thought he put into it..The Office is one of our favorite shows, so it was a perfect idea-so funny and sweet at the same time. He really killed it. I’m a lucky gal!” exclaimed Wolloch.



Sabrina Kaune ’15 and Will Manson ’15

Will Manson ’15 told Sabrina Kaune ‘15 he wanted to show her a treehouse he and his friends built at Saxon Woods. As they walked her friends suddenly were pointing to a rock in the distance. Manson had spray painted the rock to say, “PROM?”. He then handed her flowers and asked the big question to which she, of course, said yes. The two are very good friends, and share a passion in art which came out in this promposal. “We both really like art, so it was so cool that he took the time to do that,” added Kaune.




Hayden Carey ’15 and Avery Kayle ’15

On monday Avery Kayle ’15 had her usual third free unnamedand was planning to go out for lunch with her friend, Anabelle Schwartz ’15. Schwartz insisted they make a stop at the library first though because “she had something to print”. While in the library one of the librarians came up to Kayle and told her Dr. Griffin had called her to his office. Initially, she didn’t want to go, but her Schwartz encouragde her to go to his office. “You are being called to the principals office!” exclaimed Schwartz in an effort to make Kale realize how important it was that she go. They went up to his office and his secretary told the girls he wasn’t there yet. However, they were told he had left Kale a packet. Inside was a copy of “O” magazine with a cover with news head titles such as, “Are you ready for Prom?”, “Great Night Ahead: Are You In or Out?”, and “The Good News About Your Amazing Date…Hayden Carey”. Kale who loves Oprah was totally shocked. “I know she always talks about Oprah, and she looks up to her. So, my dad, who happens to have a connection to someone who works for Oprah magazine, and I thought he could set something up,” explained Carey. Kayle left the office and found Carey was standing outside holding flowers with five of the deans. Each dean held up a sign that together spelled out, “PROM?”.“It was a really fun surprise and great way to start my monday. I’m glad a bunch of my friends were there to see it, and it was so nice because it took a lot of effort. Also, a lot of my friends helped him and it just felt very personal,” expressed Kayle.



Sam Gray ’15 and Emily Berk ’16

Sam Gray ’15 made plans to go out to dinner with his girlfriend, Emily Berk ’16 at Morton’s Steak House for their sixth month anniversary. He picked her up from her house then told Berk he forgot his wallet at home. When they pulled up to his house she asked if she should wait in the car, but he said, “No come inside” with a smirk. Berk looked over and saw he was texting her twin sister, Amanda Berk ’16, (who was helping him out with the promposal). She got out of the car, and he brought her to his backyard. His brother then popped out of the bushes with his phone recording footage of her surprise. Gray had Berk’s friends all in a line with his friends aligned in the back row, flowers in each of their hands. The cherry on top was his little brother shirtless with “PROM?” written across his chest. “I still can’t stop smiling- it was perfect!” exclaimed Berk.




Tomer Cheryki ’15 and Julia Van Zwieten ’15

After two weeks of planning and rehearsals, Tomer Cherki ’15 was ready, both mentally and physically, to ask his girlfriend of two and a half months, Julia Van Zwieten ’15, to prom. Inspired by a scene from the popular film, 10 Things I Hate About You, he crashed Van Zwieten’s senior play rehearsal and serenaded her with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli, along with his fellow Octomoms. Van Zwieten’s four best guy friends were all shirtless, each with a different letter painted on their chest to spell out “Prom?” Her sister, Claire, wore a nude leotard to fit in with the shirtless boys and served as the question mark. “Everyone threw confetti and silly string, and then I got down on one knee and asked her,” explained Cherki. Van Zwieten was completely and utterly shocked by the extravagance of Cherki’s promposal, although she knew he was planning something.  During the summer when they started  becoming really good friends he told her he already knew what his promposal would be. When she asked for details he responded, “Just in case, I’m not going to tell you,” and it’s a good thing he didn’t!



Livvy Meyers ’15 and Jonny Dorf ’15

What better way to celebrate a three year anniversary than by asking your girlfriend to prom? When Livvy Meyers ’15  finally got home after hours of grueling track practice, she opened the door only to find her boyfriend, Jonny Dorf ’15  standing in the center of her room. He was surrounded by blue and yellow balloons, for Michigan, the college Meyers will be attending next year, and each balloon had a picture of them from throughout the years. “He knows how much I love pictures and stuff since I’m a photographer,” explained Meyers. “It was definitely out of the box and definitely very original.” On the floor around Dorf’s feet laid roses and petals spelling out the essential question, “Prom?” Meyers described her experience as a “dream promposal”  and she couldn’t be happier.




Madeline Ware ’15 and Trevor Wood ’15

Would you ever use a crossword puzzle to ask someone to prom? When Madeline Ware ’15 went to her friend’s house after completing her finals, the last thing she expected was to be asked to prom. They were actually discussing prom when the doorbell rang. Behind the door stood Trevor Wood ’15 and in his hand was a sign with a giant, unfilled crossword puzzle. “I stood there for a good couple of minutes just staring wide eyed because I was so surprised,”  explained Ware. “It was so sweet that he took the time to create such an elaborate sign.” The two filled it out together with the last question being ‘yes’ to going to prom together. “It really did brighten up the rest of my day,” said Ware. Wood’s creative idea plus his surprised timing made the whole promposal extra special and memorable. Imaginative promposals may take more planning and effort to enact, but the result, an overjoyed date, is worth the time.


By Liza Brecker and Kate Donovan